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MultiWebstore E-Commerce Platform is a multi-store system: tracking the entire lifetime of orders from multiple webshops on a common administration panel.

Multiple webstore front-ends can be integrated using our API based back-end integration solution (Magento, Woo commerce, Shoprenter and any other custom solution).

We also provide a SEO optimized feature rich own webshop front-end as well.

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We are a group of professionals with experience in environmental engineering and the chemical industry. We offer our employees quality expert advice and help economic operators to solve environmental problems consciously and effectively, in compliance with environmental legislation.
The mission of the company
We want to introduce environmentally responsible behavior in the private and industrial spheres, based on globally valid principles.

It is a reliable partner for economic operators in different fields of activity

About us

Through our services, we help companies by providing guidance on the integration of environmental policies into different sectors of activity. We offer consulting in the field of environmental engineering. Preparation of the necessary documentation. Obtaining the regulatory documents necessary for the operation of the company Starting with the design, construction and operation: approval, agreement, environmental permission. We may consult with you during the operation phase of your company in accordance with environmental legislation. Including monitoring and reporting of data in regulatory acts.
Our company has a mobile laboratory. With state-of-the-art equipment for determining the noise level and a gas analyzer for determining the gas composition of landfills in closed and operational landfills.

Other activities

Advising on the certification process for electrical and electronic products and information technology.

Measurement and evaluation of ambient noise, including an audible signal.

Determination of noise levels in urban areas.

Determination of noise level in industry.

Determination and control of emission concentrations from fixed emission sources (storage gas and biogas units).

Brightness measurement with digital luxmeter
Waste management records
Responsible for waste management
Packaging and packaging waste
Used oil
Waste electrical and electronic equipment





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