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MultiWebstore E-Commerce Platform is a multi-store system: tracking the entire lifetime of orders from multiple webshops on a common administration panel.

Multiple webstore front-ends can be integrated using our API based back-end integration solution (Magento, Woo commerce, Shoprenter and any other custom solution).

We also provide a SEO optimized feature rich own webshop front-end as well.

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An idea born of passion.

Welcome to the club exclusively for cultural and culinary curiosities.

Nellibox was set up for one simple reason: to bring authentic or handcrafted exotic and international products to your door.

Products range from food, beverages, jewelry, cosmetics and handicrafts.

Our monthly subscription is unique, we constantly change the products and the theme, we assure you that you will not receive the same items twice.

Taste of the World Box is about satisfying the adventurer in you by discovering amazing, rich, beautiful international products. We aim to promote the quality, aesthetic products that the world has to offer, while we offer you the chance to enjoy exotic food, prepared right in your kitchen. On the occasion of each box, you will learn and taste something different, exotic. Enjoy an exotic trip right at home!


Avtice Life(sport)
Gourmet Coffee Lover
Coffee Lover cu Aparat spumare lapte
Coffee Lover cu Rasnita
Pachet Piroska 1
Pachet Piroska 2
Pachet Piroska 3
Pachet Piroska 4
Taste of the World Corea
Taste of the World India
Taste of the World Italia
Taste of the World Japonia
Taste of the World Mexican
Taste of the World Thailanda
Pregnancy: Set Maternitate Bebe
Set Maternitate Combo Pack
Set Maternitate Mama
Set Maternitate Mix Pack




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