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MultiWebstore E-Commerce Platform is a multi-store system: tracking the entire lifetime of orders from multiple webshops on a common administration panel.

Multiple webstore front-ends can be integrated using our API based back-end integration solution (Magento, Woo commerce, Shoprenter and any other custom solution).

We also provide a SEO optimized feature rich own webshop front-end as well.

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Let’s develop the countryside together-Sepsimark

Our goal

Our new project is sepsimarket.ro, which was created with the aim of enabling the local community to learn about and contribute to the development of the countryside through the products and services of local businesses. Local shopping generates profits locally that can be used to pay local people and develop the local community. Let’s help the city grow by buying from local businesses.

Sepsimarket.ro is constantly evolving, so we pay attention to it, so we pay attention to you as well. Less burden than marketing, more attention to the consumer.

How can we help?

Problems with your website? Can’t add more content? You may not understand how online advertising works? Is it worth advertising online at all? Why is it important to optimize our site? Is it important to use social networking sites?
If you have any questions, let us know and we will help.
Our goal is to help local businesses.




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